About Tier1 Digital

Tier1 Digital, LLC is the result of Clay’s vision and passion for delivering tremendous results to his many clients. Its continued success over 12 years, is the result of his principle that the company is only as strong as the rewards his clients receive from its services. From the beginning, Clay’s dedication and leadership have provided the driving force behind Tier1 Digital, LLC and the foundation for its significant growth.

Never satisfied with the status quo, Clay constantly pushes Tier 1 Digital, LLC to excel while venturing into new arenas that will extend its impact on the marketplace. He has created a team-oriented environment where the employees are passionate about what they do, work cohesively with one another and thrive under the challenges of building and maintaining a successful business in today’s thriving but challenging digital marketing climate. Under Clay’s guidance, Tier1 Digital, LLC continues to grow and evolve within the fast changing world of internet marketing.

Over the years, Clay has worked closely with some of the brightest and most creative minds in the internet technology sector. He has consulted for million dollar corporations in the healthcare, legal, home improvement and other professional industries. For over 14 years, Clay was intimately involved in the growth of a West Michigan founded telecommunications company that became a publicly held giant, still a major force in the Telco industry today.  Clay has been recognized as one of the top new business generating sales leaders, winning Presidents Circle of Achievement, Top New Business Producer & Overall Top Market Gain To Objective awards throughout his successful career. Upon leaving this company, Clay founded Tier 1 Digital, LLC, forwarding his goal of creating search enhanced web based solutions and effective online marketing strategies for professional clients throughout the United States.

On a personal level, Clay is a dedicated & loving father to his sons, Brendan & Chase. His love for his children and their well being is a major focal point of his drive to succeed. Clay has a deep passion for martial arts and is an active Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt tournament competitor throughout the United States recently taking home the bronze medal at the Miami, FL IBJJF Open in June 2019 & Chicago, IL IBJJF Open in August 2017.

Digital Marketer in Michigan

Clayton M. Burch

Founder AND CEO

Digital Marketer in Michigan

Megan Burch

Director of Quality Assurance

Megan has been part of the Tier 1 Digital team for over 5 years now. Her attention to detail with the complexities of the digital marketing ecosphere is second to none.  As an Executive Director at a long-term care facility, Megan brings a wealth of knowledge to the company, with a special focus on insurance, healthcare, and maintaining employee and business relations.  Her passion for those focuses has led her to appear in numerous TV news segments where she discusses these topics.

When Megan is not managing her dual roles, she is a stepmother to two teenage boys,  Brendan and Chase, and enjoys all aspects of Michigan living – high school football season, travel baseball, and lake life.

Genesis Reonico is our lead Tech Guy that handles all website and server concerns, keeping all our client sites up and smoothly running. He is also a professional speaker, author, and certified digital marketing professional.

Digital Marketer in Michigan

Genesis Reonico

Director Of Digital Asset Management

Digital Marketer in Michigan

Animesh Singh

Director Of SEO Operations

Animesh have 15 years of experience in SEO and link building. In these 15 years of experience, we have learned a lot and understand all the Google algorithms, Google Panda, Google Penguin, Humming Bird, Pay Day Loan, Algorithm, and calculations. We were providing a Service Guarantee SEO package, Experienced internet Marketing and SEO, some of the world & highest-profile clients on our books. We offer an unmatched understanding of our field. We pride ourselves on being open, honest, and impartial to ensure you get the best possible results for your project. We guarantee to apply strategic search engine optimization methods to improve website ranking and traffic. We believe in ethical SEO to get realistic goals and do not believe in misleading clients. We have 24-hour support. Reply to us for free revision of your site.

Michael is the founder and owner of MRB Media, Inc. We have discovered there is nothing technical Michael doesn’t know or can’t figure out when it comes to digital marketing and website development. For almost a decade, Michael has been Tier 1 Digital’s unofficial partner supporting most client accounts with his web development, paid search & SEO acumen. Michael and his team are also talented designers and campaign managers. Michael is a Certified Storybrand Guide, and he is certified in Google Ads, Google Analytics, PCM® (Professional Certified Marketer), and CDMP (Certified Digital Marketing Professional).

Digital Marketer in Michigan

Michael R. Brant

Director of Digital Marketing Analytics and Technology

Content Writer

Sylvia Burch RN, PhD

Content Writer

It has been my pleasure and significant learning experience to write content for Owndomain 1, now Top Tier Digital. With the website training, Clay helped me with, I have been able to use my many years of clinical expertise, writing, and research skills to create credible website content for his varied professional clients. I know Clay will continue to make Top Tier Digital a premier company, given his passion for supporting his clients’ productivity goals!

Ace has a six-year of experience as a digital media designer. He worked with Clay for 4 years. His work focuses on web and graphic design. He has experience in social media and project management. He also has a talent for digital portrait illustration. Ace is Tier1 Digitals all around digital artist and designer.

Website Designer

Ace Mueda

Digital Media Designer

Chase the Dog

Duke the Dog

Duke has been an integral part of Tier 1 Digital since its inception. From monitoring and alerting his dad that mail and packages were delivered, he also provides top notch security against squirrels, chihuahuas, and bicycles. Due to his selflessness and commitment to the company, Duke has been Employee of the Month for the last 89 months straight. We couldn’t ask for a better employee!

Tier1 Digital

Community Involvement

Race Car

Check out Tier1 Digital sponsored driver Ryan Stutz will be pit crew help for team mate Andrew Brest in the #8 Late Model Saturday at Kalamazoo Speedway. Racing starts at 4:30pm, September 28! Don’t miss out!

Footall team from Michigan

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Tier1Digital specializes in making sure your business is FOUND through intelligent site design or redesign using “Best On-Page” SEO practices followed by employing a very detailed and aggressive system of modern day “Off-page” SEO techniques. This will ultimately result in more qualified traffic to your site & more importantly…. MORE PROFIT TO YOUR BUSINESS!

Tier1Digital’s mission is to provide a top quality product with exceptional lead generation capability for our clients at one of the most competitive investments in the industry. If you own a small to medium size business anywhere in the nation, call (866) 991-TIER or email us today to schedule an appointment for a free, face to face consultation of your internet marketing needs! If you are satisfied with what you hear, ask us about our ‘No Monthly Contract” commitment policy for our proven internet marketing services!


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