Social Media for Beginners

Social Media Manager Michigan

Internet newbies can be overwhelmed in the world of social media. However, here are few guidelines that could assist you before taking a step on this journey.

1. Start small.

Yes, utilizing social media for the first time can be exciting but that shouldn’t distract you in reaching your goal. Although there are a lot of social media sites where you can promote your business, it is recommended that newbies should start working with one or a couple sites such as Facebook and Twitter. By doing so, you will be able to concentrate and further grow. Once done, you will gain confidence and now more certain on trying other social media networks.

2. Get a widget and test it.

Widgets are helpful tools. Thus, it is suggested that you include them on your site for viral traffic. It’s one way of promoting your blog or website to gain more traffic through different social media portals. With the use of widgets, you’ll also be able to track which social media profiles have the most impact on your site’s traffic and pageviews, while you can drop off the rest that are not performing. You may use Google Analytics to check which buttons get the most clicks. Use ‘goals’ so that you may tell who is clicking what. Through this step, you’ll be able to save a lot of time and find more ways to develop and improve your traffic and ultimately, sales.

3. Provide useful information to promote your site.

This approach is a better option for beginners instead of immediately publishing coupons, special offers and other obvious business related tactics. Helping others should be your site’s initial role so that when followers find that you are sharing valuable links or information, you will gain their trust and you will eventually get what your ultimate goal is –NEW SALES. Remember to be humble while giving helpful facts.

4. Focus on quality followers.

When you say quality followers, they are the ones that are ready to listen and interact with you because they are really interested on what you can offer them. Forget about those ebooks claiming that they can draw hundreds of followers in days. Most of the followers might be bots and in which you can’t engage with. Ideally, a large number of followers may give more revenue, however as a social media newbie, there’s no need to fret if you only got 10 followers. What’s important is the type of followers you have – are they the type of followers who are ready to spend some money just to buy your product?

5. Interact with your audience in Twitter.

The best Twitter followers are those people that have the same interests within your niche. You could begin interacting with them once you’ve followed them. It is necessary that you participate in discussions and retweet information that would be valuable in your community. This approach will give you more influence within your niche that will result to further recommendation or promotion of your site by your followers.

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